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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Preparation Tips For Pregnancy With Diabetes

Preparation Tips For Pregnancy With Diabetes.

Preparation Tips For Pregnancy With Diabetes
Preparation Tips For Pregnancy With Diabetes

A woman with diabetes can certainly have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, specific care is needed before and during pregnancy to minimize possible risks for the mother and baby.
Below, we have prepared a list of recommendations for all women with diabetes who wish to become pregnant.

1-Adjust Your Blood Glucose Level.

Controlling blood sugar levels is the best way to prevent diabetes complications. As you prepare for pregnancy, it is important that your blood glucose level must be adjusted before your pregnancy.

 Your doctor may want you to pray before your pregnancy to a certain level of hemoglobin(A1C), which reflects your blood glucose level in the last two to three months before your pregnancy.

Because the brain, spinal cord, heart, and other organs begin to form shortly after pregnancy and even before you know you are pregnant, if your blood sugar level is poor during the first few days of pregnancy, you will be at risk of miscarriage and the child is at increased risk of birth with congenital defects Especially those that affect the brain, spinal cord and heart.

2-The examination Of The Eyes. 

Diabetes is associated with certain complications that affect the eyes, and pregnancy can increase the possibility of increasing such a disorder.

Diabetes specialists recommend that all women have a complete eye exam before, during and after pregnancy.

3-Examination Of The Kidneys. 

The presence of chronic kidney disease increases the risk of complications for the mother and baby. Specialists recommend checking the functions of the kidneys before and throughout the pregnancy.

4- Changing Your  Medication.

If you are taking oral diabetes treatment, you may need to replace it with insulin or other changes in your pre-pregnancy diabetes treatment plan.

In addition, some medications, including some used to treat high blood pressure, are not recommended during pregnancy.

5-Continue To Follow a Healthy Diet.

Your diabetes diet is likely to involve a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and you can eat these foods as you prepare for pregnancy.

If you're having trouble keeping your blood sugar within your target range or want to lose extra pounds before pregnancy, consult a certified nutritionist to help you adjust your diabetes treatment plan to your needs before pregnancy.

To help fill the food gaps you are suffering from, take pre-pregnancy vitamins that contain folic acid, and it's best to start doing it a few months before your pregnancy.

6- Exercising.

During the Pre-pregnancy screening, ask your doctor to approve your exercise, then choose activities such as walking, swimming or stationary cycling, and part of your daily routine.

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